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  • Our goal is to give you the best
    dental care available in a comfortable
    and friendly environment.

    About Our Practice

  • Our goal is to give you the best
    dental care available in a comfortable
    and friendly environment.

    About Our Practice

  • Our goal is to give you the best
    dental care available in a comfortable
    and friendly environment.

    About Our Practice


Tobacco and Oral Health

Oral Health in Jonesboro AR

It’s hard to believe that there was a time when we didn’t know the troubling health effects of tobacco use. In fact, we continue to learn more about the problems smoking and other tobacco use causes in the human body every day.

One area of the body heavily affected by tobacco use is the mouth. This isn’t surprising since the mouth is the channel by which tobacco is introduced to the body, whether you smoke cigarettes or cigars or you use smokeless tobacco.

If you use tobacco, it’s important to let your Jonesboro, AR dentist, either Dr. Lauren Harmon or Dr. Brett Burris, know. We’ll keep a close eye out to watch ...

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Why Do My Teeth Keep Chipping?


A chipped tooth can be painful, embarrassing, and put you at a higher risk for further damage to your tooth. When your tooth is chipped you will need to repair it and your dentist in Jonesboro, AR may suggest treatment ranging from cosmetic bonding to porcelain veneers or crowns depending on the severity of your chipping. Not only is a chipped tooth uncomfortable, it's also costly! There are however, some things you can do to prevent your teeth from chipping. Here are a few ideas.

Wear a Night Guard

Did you know that you may be clenching and grinding your teeth at night and not even realize it? Otherwise known as bruxism, ...

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3 Ways to Care for Your Teeth (That Aren’t Brushing and Flossing!)

Dentist Jonesboro AR

We know, we know. You’ve heard it a million times! “Only brush and floss the teeth you want to keep!”

The good news is that most of our patients do an excellent job of keeping up with their home care routine. But you might be wondering if there are any other steps you should be taking to keep your teeth in good health – and there are!

Your Dental Solutions dentist in Jonesboro, AR and our skilled hygienists have plenty of recommendations for a healthier smile!

Here are three (other!) ways you can improve your oral health:

1. Eat a nutritious diet – Not only do healthy teeth allow you to eat fresh, healthy, ...

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Advances in Modern Dentistry

Dental Implants Jonesboro AR

The only constant in the medical world is change, and the same goes for dentistry. There are always new techniques and technologies evolving to make dental procedures quicker, more comfortable, and more effective for patients.

With so many options available to patients to help replace, repair, and restore their teeth, a beautiful smile is within the reach of all patients, no matter the current state of your oral health. Your dentist in Jonesboro, AR has some examples of what modern dentistry has to offer.

Dental Implants

One of the greatest advances – and probably the most exciting – is dental implants. For patients missing one or more of their teeth, dental implants are a ...

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How to Fix Gaps and Chips in Teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry in Jonesboro AR

When patients come to our office to discuss their concerns about their teeth, two of the most common issues are chips and wide gaps between teeth.

Gaps can trap food, cause bad breath, and even change the way you speak. Chips can look unsightly and may cause sensitivity or an opening for bacteria to invade the interior of the tooth.

If you’re looking to make a change, contact our office in Jonesboro, AR. Cosmetic dentistry is just one of the many services we offer, and our dentists have several solutions to treat your gapped or chipped teeth, including:

  • Bonding – This simple and inexpensive cosmetic procedure allows us to fix a ...

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What to do in a Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency Jonesboro Ar

If you or a family member experience a dental emergency, being prepared can make all the difference. Today we are sharing some great tips for how to handle a dental emergency so you can ditch the stress if it happens to you!

Typically, you’ll either experience an urgent dental emergency, or a non-urgent emergency that does not require immediate care. Some examples of urgent situations include an extremely painful toothache, non-stop bleeding, a loose or knocked-out tooth, an injured jaw, or severe swelling. Some examples of non-urgent issues include a lost filling, lost or broken retainer, or a broken or cracked tooth, as long as it isn’t causing severe pain.

How to ...

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Tips on Finding A Great Family Dental Practice

Family Dentist in Jonesboro AR

When you’re choosing the dental practice that you and your family will visit, it’s important to find an office you can trust. Whether you’re looking for a general preventative care provider, or a team to help you and your family with larger oral care procedures, finding a great team is vital. With so many offices to choose from, we recommend that you take your time in evaluating where you want to take your business.

What Makes a Great Dental Office

We’ve got some tips to help you find the right practice to meet all the needs of your family:

  • Look for reviews: One of the best ways to get a good ...

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