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  • Our goal is to give you the best
    dental care available in a comfortable
    and friendly environment.

    About Our Practice

  • Our goal is to give you the best
    dental care available in a comfortable
    and friendly environment.

    About Our Practice

  • Our goal is to give you the best
    dental care available in a comfortable
    and friendly environment.

    About Our Practice


What to do in a Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency Jonesboro Ar

If you or a family member experience a dental emergency, being prepared can make all the difference. Today we are sharing some great tips for how to handle a dental emergency so you can ditch the stress if it happens to you!

Typically, you’ll either experience an urgent dental emergency, or a non-urgent emergency that does not require immediate care. Some examples of urgent situations include an extremely painful toothache, non-stop bleeding, a loose or knocked-out tooth, an injured jaw, or severe swelling. Some examples of non-urgent issues include a lost filling, lost or broken retainer, or a broken or cracked tooth, as long as it isn’t causing severe pain.

How to ...

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Tips on Finding A Great Family Dental Practice

Family Dentist in Jonesboro AR

When you’re choosing the dental practice that you and your family will visit, it’s important to find an office you can trust. Whether you’re looking for a general preventative care provider, or a team to help you and your family with larger oral care procedures, finding a great team is vital. With so many offices to choose from, we recommend that you take your time in evaluating where you want to take your business.

What Makes a Great Dental Office

We’ve got some tips to help you find the right practice to meet all the needs of your family:

  • Look for reviews: One of the best ways to get a good ...

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The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry in Jonesboro AR

Even though your children will lose their baby teeth, it is still important to start their dental visits as soon as they get their first tooth. Not only will this make them more comfortable with the dentist as they get older, but it can also help them to develop better oral hygiene habits. The dentists at Dental Solutions in Jonesboro, AR strive to offer the best in pediatric and family dentistry to their patients by making dental visits fun and stress-free.


Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

  • It will make your child more comfortable – It can be scary for your child to see the dentist for the first time, which is why the ...

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The importance of practices who specialize in dentistry and orthodontics

Group Of Doctors | Specializing In Dentistry & Orthodontics

Often times when you need more than just a simple cleaning or basic dental procedures such as extractions and root canals you will need to see a dental specialist. This includes those who want a straighter, more cohesive smile. Orthodontist specialize in tooth movement and facial development and generally have more training than your regular dentist. Because they are often two different practices it can be difficult to coordinate your dental care between two offices, yet with Dental Solutions in Jonesboro, AR you can have the convenience of your dentist and orthodontist being in the same place. 

Importance of Practices Specializing in Both Dentistry and ...

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Tips to avoid gum disease

Dentist Jonesboro AR

Bad breath in the morning is just one of the many indicators you’re on your way to gum disease. Gum disease is something many of us have without realizing it, and it can not only cause bad breath and discoloration, but eventually destroy our teeth and even our jaw if left unchecked. Regular cleaning and dental visits can help ensure your gums stay healthy.

Avoiding Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by the build up of bacteria and the toxins they produce, causing plaque and tartar build up, which leads to more severe problems, like our gums actually pulling back from our teeth and exposing them to ...

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My baby stole my calcium, right?

Mom & Young Daughter | Mothers Getting Cavities After Pregnancy
Every once in a while I have a patient tell me, “Doc, I never had any cavities until I got pregnant, then I started have all these problems.  I heard that my baby stole the calcium from my teeth.  What can I do now?”

Let’s Get to the Bottom of it.

First off I have good news, your baby CANNOT steal the calcium from your teeth.  The stuff your teeth are made out of(calcium, phosphates, and fluoride) is hard.  The enamel of teeth is harder than bone.  There’s no way for minerals that hard to break down into microscopic pieces travel through the blood stream and get built into baby.  

Why do New Mothers Get More Cavities?

The answer ...

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Let's talk about sugar and your teeth

Sugar & Your Oral Health | Jonesboro AR

It’s pretty much common knowledge that sugar causes cavities.  We’re all told this fact as we grow up.  If you eat too much candy and don’t brush your teeth, you get cavities.

Well, if that was the total truth to the situation, we would simply throw the Twizzlers, Snickers bars, and other junk food in the trash and be well on our way to zero decay.  I can tell you right now that this just isn’t working out.  We are VERY busy cleaning up decay from many people that just aren’t huge junk food eaters.

Let’s shed some light on the subject:

We all have a TON ...

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