Complete Dentures in Jonesboro, AR

Complete dentures are a last resort option in most cases. The reason we avoid complete dentures, especially lower ones, can be boiled down to the simple fact that dentures aren’t teeth. They do not feel or chew like teeth.

Gum disease, health factors, or budget concerns sometimes leave dentures as the only option for most patients. If this is the case, we will use our years of experience in dentures to create the most comfortable and beautiful denture possible for you.

If you already have a denture that isn’t comfortable, prevents you from eating what you want, or flips and flops everywhere in your mouth, an implant-supported denture could change your life.

How do you make a denture?

older couple smiling and leaning on each otherA removable, complete denture is a prosthetic used to replace all the teeth in your top, bottom, or both jaws. If you are looking for “dentures in a day” or “buy the top, get the bottom free” types of dentures, we are not for you. We take our time to ensure that we make the highest quality and best-fitting dentures we can. We also put great care into giving you a beautiful smile you can be proud of when we make your dentures. Let’s talk about what situation might be right for you:

Replacing your old denture – If you have lost, broken or worn out your old denture, we can get you back to smiling in no time. Dentures do wear over time. Signs your dentures may need to be replaced can include flattening of the back teeth or cracks or thin areas visible when you hold it up to the light. Replacing your existing denture doesn’t mean we just give you a carbon copy of your old one. Your mouth will have changed since the last one was made, and we will make your new denture custom to accommodate that.

New denture wearers – First time denture wearers usually need some, if not most, of their teeth removed before starting to make the denture. When teeth are removed, the gum tissue and bone underneath will shrink. Once the gums have healed, the denture can be made to most accurately fit your mouth. Making a denture before the gums have completely healed can lead to a loose fit after healing is complete. A temporary denture can be made and put in on the day of tooth removal so that you can have teeth to smile and eat with during the healing process.

What if my dentures are loose?

If you have a denture that is uncomfortable or loose, schedule a consultation with one of our Jonesboro dentists to see what your options are. We can almost always help.

older woman smiling and sitting with her arms over her kneesYou may be a candidate for a reline of your denture to fill some space caused by bone and gum shrinkage. You may be most comfortable with an implant-supported denture. This is most common in lower dentures, due to the interference of your tongue. Getting you comfortable may be as simple as a small adjustment to how your denture fits or bites. Whatever the case, we can help you get back to chewing and smiling again.

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