Partial Dentures in Jonesboro, AR

Missing teeth can cause discomfort, frustration, and even embarrassment. Not only do they make it harder for you to speak clearly and even enjoy your favorite fresh and healthy foods, they also may make you self-conscious about smiling and laughing.

We want you to smile and laugh comfortable and freely, without concerns about the way your teeth look and feel. If you are missing several teeth, a partial denture may be the right choice for you.

Jonesboro dentists Dr. Brett Burris and Dr. Lauren Harmon are both skilled at designing and placing partial dentures, and we’ll work with you to find the best solution for replacing your missing teeth.

What is a partial?

A removable partial denture, or “partial,” is a prosthetic appliance used to replace missing teeth in cases where many teeth have been lost. Partials use healthy natural teeth, as well as jawbone, in areas of missing teeth to provide support for the appliance.

Partials serve a wide range of purposes and are made of many different materials. Their composition depends upon the goals and needs of each case. Because they are removable, they must be taken out regularly for cleaning. This also allows for the proper cleaning of the natural teeth supporting the appliance.

Why do I need a partial?

Partials are most commonly used when many teeth are lost in one arch. Partials are a less expensive option to replace many missing teeth, compared to dental implants or dental bridges. If some teeth are available for support, then a partial is a much better tooth replacement option than a complete denture.

Permanent partials are mostly made with a cast metal frame for strength and to connect to natural teeth for support. This support keeps the partial from floating around in the mouth like a complete denture. Prosthetic teeth are bonded to this frame to look and function like the teeth they replace.

Temporary partials are sometimes used to replace a single missing tooth or to hold space for replacement of a tooth with dental implants. These temporary partials are usually made of just acrylic plastic and do not attach to teeth for support.

What is the downside to a partial?

The biggest complaints we hear about partials all tie back to the fact that they are removable. Partials must be removed at least twice a day for cleaning as they can allow some food to compact between the appliance and the gums or teeth supporting it. This can often be uncomfortable and requires the wearer to remove and clean the partial. Partials also do not provide the chewing power that natural teeth, dental implants, or dental bridges do. The more teeth a partial replaces, the less chewing force it provides.

Is a partial right for me?

The best way to determine whether a partial is the right option for you is to schedule an appointment at our Jonesboro, AR dental office for a consultation with Dr. Burris or Dr. Harmon. Your dentist will examine your teeth and discuss your goals and your lifestyle, working together with you to find the best solution.

Call today to schedule your appointment.