Dental Implants in Jonesboro, AR

implant dentistry in jonesboro, arDo you have a missing tooth that you would really like back? Do you have a denture that won’t stay in place, making it uncomfortable to eat or speak? Would you like to get rid of dentures and replace them with something permanent that works and acts like real teeth? If you said yes to any of these, then dental implants are your answer.

Dental implants are one of the most exciting and progressive fields of dentistry right now. With years of proven success and dental implant cost lowering, they are being used to solve many different dental problems.

What is an implant?

A dental implant is a small screw made to resemble a tooth root, usually made of titanium, which is implanted into the bone of the upper and/or lower jaw. Once placed, the implant will fuse to the bone that surrounds it and become part of your jaw.

By using your jawbone for support instead of gum tissue or other teeth, an implant will provide the most natural feeling and function of any tooth replacement option. The most common uses for implants are replacement of missing teeth with crowns and bridges or stabilizing a loose complete denture.

Implants are used as the foundation for different types of tooth replacements:

Single or multiple missing teeth — An implant can be placed in the area of a single missing tooth to support a porcelain crown. The upside of the option is that it gives the same feeling and look as a natural tooth. When compared to a traditional bridge, which can be a good option for tooth replacement, implants are the more conservative approach because they do not sacrifice good enamel to support the missing tooth/teeth.

All teeth in one or both jaws — At one time the only way to effectively replace all the teeth in either the upper or lower jaw was with dentures. With advancements in technology, we are now able to replace all the missing teeth in an arch with an implant-supported hybrid denture. A hybrid denture is a titanium-based denture that screws to multiple implants. By using implants placed in specific areas, we are able to screw a much thinner, tooth-like replacement in and provide the closest thing to natural teeth available.

Implants used to stabilize complete dentures:

If you wear a complete denture, dental implants can be a life changer for you. Countless times, we see people that HATE their floppy, loose lower denture. Implants can be placed in specific areas so that your complete denture can attach to them.

Using implants to support a complete denture not only keeps them from falling out and moving around, but also gives you much more biting and chewing force. Dental implants are also great for people with an upper denture or partial that have exaggerated gag reflex because with implants to anchor the denture, there is no need to cover the roof of the mouth.

Whatever the case — complete or partial denture, upper or lower — implants can radically improve the way you feel about them. We have never had a patient unhappy after going from unsupported denture to implant supported.

If you want to know if implants can help with your dental problems, come in to see one of our experienced dentists for a consultation or discuss it with your hygienist and dentist at your next check-up. Let us show you how we can change your life.