Tooth Extractions in Jonesboro, AR

Even though our goal is to keep all our patients’ teeth healthy and functional for a lifetime, there are times when the best available option is to remove a tooth. If a tooth is cracked down the middle, has a cavity so big that it cannot be repaired, or has gum disease severe enough it cannot be saved with periodontal therapy, taking the tooth out may be the best solution. A healthy tooth in function with other teeth should never be removed unless all other options have been discussed.

What should I expect?

Tooth removal, or extraction, should not be painful. As with other procedures we provide, tooth removal is performed by numbing the tooth and surrounding area with the best anesthetics available. We only remove the tooth when we are confident there will be no pain.

Tooth removal, in most cases, is a very routine dental procedure. Normal cases are quick and predictable. Both our doctors are extremely experienced in extraction and will discuss and answer any questions you have about the procedure. After the procedure, you will be given a written list of post-procedure instructions to follow for optimal healing and minimal discomfort.

In some cases, our doctors may refer you to an oral surgeon for tooth extraction. This is necessary if the case is particularly challenging or has details that increase the risk involved with the procedure. Also anyone who wishes to be “knocked out” for the procedure can be referred to an oral surgeon for general anesthesia.

Can you take out my wisdom teeth?

Extractions of impacted wisdom teeth are traditionally referred to one of the wonderful oral surgeons with whom we have partnered. There are many advantages to having an oral surgeon perform this more complex procedure, including the ability to be “knocked out” by having the procedure while under general anesthesia. An oral surgeon can also remove all four wisdom teeth at one time, rather than requiring multiple visits for each side.

Patients who have completely erupted wisdom teeth and no major complications in their history can choose to have their wisdom teeth removed here in our office with normal local anesthetic. In these cases, the wisdom teeth usually come out predictably and with little trauma.

Bone grafting after extraction:

If you wish to replace the tooth being removed with an implant, bone grafting at the time of removal may be necessary. By placing bone graft material in the space where the tooth root was, we are able to keep the bone in that area thick and strong to support an implant. Without bone grafting, the area where the tooth was may heal irregularly and not be suitable for an implant. Call our Jonesboro AR dentist office today to learn more about tooth extractions.