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  • Our goal is to give you the best
    dental care available in a comfortable
    and friendly environment.

    About Our Practice

  • Our goal is to give you the best
    dental care available in a comfortable
    and friendly environment.

    About Our Practice

  • Our goal is to give you the best
    dental care available in a comfortable
    and friendly environment.

    About Our Practice

Benefits of and Tips for Keeping Up Children's Oral Health

November 16, 2021
Posted By: Dental Solutions
smiling girl at children's dentist in Jonesboro AR

Every child's smile is important and deserves excellent care. Not only do their teeth and gums play an integral role in how kids chew, talk, and smile, but they also help with confidence and socialization. At Dental Solutions, we believe establishing good oral health habits early in life encourages children to create lifelong patterns. 
Family-focused Jonesboro dental care starts with a visit to Dr. Brett Burris at My Dental Solutions. We focus on preventive dental care and help patients maintain proper oral health practices. 

Benefits of Keeping Up with Your Child's Oral Health

Oral health directly links to overall health, so it's vital to care for their growing smile. Here are just a few of the countless benefits of keeping your kid's smile healthy: 

  • Establishes ability to chew and bite food, which also improves digestion
  • Reduces the risk of decay, gum disease, heart disease, and diabetes
  • Promotes proper orthodontic development
  • Promotes clear speech and pronunciation
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Builds the foundation for lifelong oral health

Tips for Maintaining Your Child's Smile

Practicing good oral hygiene is the best way to protect your child's smile against cavities and dental emergencies. Our Jonesboro dental care professionals recommend the following:

Proper brushing and flossing – You should gently wipe their gums with a washcloth before your child has teeth. When their teeth emerge, start brushing their teeth. As they get older, supervise them as you teach them how to brush and floss. 
Healthy eating habits – Establishing healthy eating habits protects their teeth and gums and their overall general health. 
Fluoride and sealants – Fluoride and sealants protect vulnerable teeth from cavities and the spread of decay. Depending on their age, we often encourage our patients to use fluoride toothpaste at home, but we also provide fluoride and sealant treatments at our Jonesboro dental office. 
Prepare your child for the dentist – When preparing your child for their dental visits, try to avoid using words like "scary," "pain," or "hurt," as this may frighten them or make them anxious. Practice brushing and flossing together at home and consider reading some age-appropriate books about going to the dentist. You can even role-play and have your child sit in a chair while you brush their teeth, explaining what the dentist will do during their visit. 
Routine dental and orthodontic visits – Your child should visit the dentist every six months so we can monitor the development of their teeth and jaws and prevent cavities and disease. 

Contact Your Jonesboro Dentist Today

Dr. Brett Burris is a compassionate and highly skilled dentist who has years of experience treating young smiles. Our team focuses on personalized Jonesboro family dental care to promote excellent oral health at every age.

Are you looking for a children's dentist in Jonesboro, AR? Contact us today to schedule your child's dental exam and cleaning! 

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